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6 tips for cheap home renovation

home renovation
home renovation

In this article we will see 6 tips for home renovation.

  1. Children’s rooms will occupy part of the land on the back page. This process produces a room the child is greater, measuring 3mx3m.
  2. To make a child’s room, they only make the roof and build a new wall at the back. Three other areas of the wall is a long wall. By doing so, the cost spent more sparingly.
  3. Shift exhausted children leaving room space on the new area “used” children’s room earlier. This area is used as family rooms.
  4. Shift to the back of the room to make space in the middle tend to be darker. For that made skylight. The same (with the size 80cmx100cm) is also installed in the living room. Skylight made from 3mm acrylic (as the ceiling) and geteng glass on the roof. So that the sun does not turn too, given the skylight hole restraint such as smoke from the chimney tripleks. (Photo: 02)
  5. Bedroom and bathroom parlormaid made room in the back of the main bath. Placement parlormaid adjoining bathroom with bath main, they do not need to create more channels to create a new waste disposal. Channel bathroom waste can mendompleng new channel waste main bathroom.
  6. Final step is to improve the elements of the building damaged. Damaged ceiling made new. The entire floor tiles are replaced.
home renovation 1
home renovation