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Choose Wallpaper Walls of a Good Home
Choose Wallpaper Walls of a Good Home
Choose Wallpaper Walls of a Good Home

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Choose Wallpaper Walls of a Good Home in 2020

To beautify and adorn the walls of the house is currently no need to use wallpaper, wall paint anymore. Why is that? Because there are other alternatives as a replacement wall paint to beautify the appearance. At each house wall would be the first sight that will always be visible to the eye.

Conditions are not good house walls will be very uncomfortable to look at. Therefore we here will be a variety of information about beautifying the house wall with wallpaper. Then why should the selected wallpaper? because wallpaper has many variations and patterns of current interest.

The design and color of the wallpaper is ready to change design work space and the atmosphere of your home more lively and comfortable;

Types of Wallpaper

There are two basic types of wallpaper with paper or wallpaper with a vinyl base. to distinguish between these wallpapers how?

So what are the advantages or disadvantages of both types are? for this type of wallpaper base paper has a dove surface does not look so shiny, based on the paper so it will not be easily damaged, the type of wallpaper paper can only be cleaned with a dry cloth, and can be easily recycled.

As for the type of wallpaper vinyl has more surface shiny, made from vinyl are much more durable when compared with paper, it is easier for the clean well with a damp cloth because it will not easily damaged, and the last of vinyl material is not environmentally friendly because it is not easy in recycled again.

There are two distinctive parts again on two types of wallpaper that is under the paper material or materials beneath the fabric. For wallpaper with the material under the fabric will be easy to off and on the move. because these materials are not easily damaged or torn. As for the bottom of the sheet material will not be transferred or off as it will be easily damaged and torn.

Installing the wallpaper on the walls of the house

It is easy to put up wallpaper in the house that is the way wall affixed using a special adhesive glue. For those of you who want to install the wallpaper at home, preferably before you install clean the wall first in order more easily when installing it.

What if the walls of your house has been given the color of the paint, should be cleaned. To the cracks or cavities, you better fix soon before installing the wallpaper because it will interfere with the installation. Make sure you do not to use it in excess glue because it will make the surface uneven wallpaper. We recommend using the glue taste.

Wallpaper and health

Evidently behind the motifs and colors of the wallpaper store health factor for our bodies. Why is that? Because this type of solvent applied to the wallpaper color can affect the health of the body. Do you use wallpaper using basic ingredients water based or solvent based? What distinguishes the two types of these? good questions that will be answered directly here.

Water-based is a staining method that uses basic ingredients of water. As for solvent based ie coloring wallpaper that uses the basic ingredients thinners. If the content of the wallpaper containing paint thinner will cause the smell of paint thinner when mounted on the wall.

Effects you will experience that your family would smell paint thinner and is not good for your health. Make sure before you buy wallpaper kiss on the side of the wrapper plastic wallpaper and feel the aroma that comes out from the rolls if you should feel the smell of paint thinner find and replace wallpaper odourless water-based.

Choose Wallpaper Walls of a Good Home

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