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Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors

Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors
Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors

Choosing the right paint for your country farmhouse exterior colors is a very important job. The color will decide your tone every morning when welcome the sun and every evening when as you walk toward your house while the sun is setting. The farmhouse is the heart of the everyday life of farm.

As such choosing the color is as important as choosing name for your kids, well maybe not as important as that but I’m trying to make a point here. Anyhow, these are some suggestion for the paint choice.

Country farmhouse exterior colors number 1 suggestion is the classic white. This color are traditional in most farm, the represent pureness, tidiness. Other consideration for choosing white is because it’s easier to find in a landscape.

The problem with the white is they are hard to clean, especially if you live in a windy are with a lots of dust.

Country farmhouse exterior colors number 2 suggestion is to use the color that pop, for example if you have a lots of green around your farmhouse you can use a popping yellow to counter the color.

Red and other vivid and lively color are also recommended. this kind of color provide a sense of transmission or change of pace in the ever changing farm field. Other color would the original wood material colors.

They are brown in natural so the can fit perfectly with the landscape but in time the color would be to dark and it will look like your farmhouse is dead. my suggestion would be to paint them after their color become unattractive.

Country farmhouse exterior colors number 3 suggestion is to use an earthly colors. This kind of color will provide cover and blend more efficiently with the landscape. some colors like moss green or any color with strong hue will be sufficient.

The deep color also help to ties a stronger connection with the mother earth.

Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors

Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors
Country Farmhouse Exterior Colors


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