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Home Wall Paint Technique and Process

Paint Colors Wall
Paint Colors Wall

Creating a home atmosphere or new home improvement become more comfortable and cool definitely be a dream every person. By making the home wall paint then the atmosphere will change instantly.

For those of you who might want to do it yourself at home is certainly not just painting the walls directly. There are several steps that you must do in order to paint the walls of your house to produce perfection.

There are many things you should do before painting the house as protecting furniture, peeling paint old wall, providing New Wall Paint Technique and much more. All you will get the following information, go see;

Protecting Home Furnishings

For those of you who want to re-paint the walls of your house should protect your furniture from drops of paint. Move furniture which if can be transferred easily to other places. But if your home furnishings too big and difficult to move yourself enough you love pedestal cover such use newspaper or paper.

Controls and walls were damaged Fix

Be sure to you prior to re-paint the walls of the house it is wonderful you control the condition of the wall first. The main points of time control wall of the house is to know humidity of your house wall.

Good wall condition is to have a low humidity level, it is the right position to do the painting. Another thing you should consider is control seepage on the walls and openings if there are cracks or nail prints. What if the condition occurs in the walls of your home you should make repairs before doing the painting.

Peeled paint layer

For the first time you do a re-paint the walls of your own home, we recommend you to pay attention to the condition of the old paint. Peel the layers of old paint first so that the new paint can stick and produce perfect color. If indeed the old paint on the wall is visible peeling, it is better to peel all the basic colors cement walls visible.

Clean the home walls Before On Paint

Clean the wall before repainted is an important point. Since most of the old walls had dirt and mildew. If there was mold visible on the walls of your house should be peeled and then you give a coating of fungus on the walls that have been exposed to the fungus.

Determining the Paint Colors Wall

Choosing a home wall paint color is not easy, sometimes we need the opinions of people around so that the color produced becomes more comfortable when viewed together. Advice from us you should choose a wall paint color matches the color of your home furniture, it is to look more contrast.

Lining the walls With Primer

In general, people who will do a re-paint the walls will surely give a primer before providing major paint to coat the wall sealer. The goal is to enhance the new paint will be applied so as to produce the perfect color. The next step is the first layer of paint you should do after priming it is considered dry.

Giving a mixture of water or thinner for the first layer should be given a share of 5% -20%. After the first layer is dry, repeat with second layer to enhance the portion of the same dose of 5% -20% mixture of water or thinner.

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