Home Design Tips How to Cope with Leak Roofs

How to Cope with Leak Roofs

tips to overcome leakage
tips to overcome leakage

The rainy season has arrived of course we must be prepared to face a common problem like leak roofs when summer turns into the rainy season. The roof leaked, so that the main problem we are going to facing after the dry season passed.

Facing a leak on the roof is not easy, we sometimes difficult to fix because of several factors. For that we are here share some tips to overcome leakage in the home that may help you all;

Know Cause of Leak Roofs

Leaking roofs in the taste is very disturbing for everyone affected, including my own taste. Not only causes the ceiling to be damaged, but the rain water can damage furniture. It is not fun is when the leak point is under great furniture.

It will make us had difficulties moving the goods, which ultimately we only give temporary shelter or container under a leaky roof without moving the furniture. A common cause leaks in the roof of the house are as follows:

Installation of the roof that are less good and right

So that does not happen leaks in your home, be sure to install tile properly and not leave loopholes so that water does not leak.

Tile installation is not arbitrary, it must be based on the installation techniques to be able to interlock and create loopholes for the ingress of water. Use cover roofs with good quality materials in order to avoid leaking of your home.

Shape too sloping roofs

Forms roofs inclined ramps or too oblique can cause rain water can not be poured quickly into the ground. What if the rain that fell very much it will be felt by residents. We recommend that if you build a house make sure the condition of the roof slope of 30-40 degrees so the water can flow easily to the bottom.

The size and shape of guttering is not appropriate

Gutters or drains are where rainwater flows down. If you build a house be sure to install the gutter is appropriate and correct. Choose a gutter with good material quality and not easily damaged. Not only pay attention to the shape and material gutters will you apply, but you must consider the size of the gutters.

Because the size will also affect the capacity of rainwater will flow. Try to adjust to the exact size that you will use gutters so that water flowing fast and do not cause leaking.

There is a gap in the roof

On the roof would be made with basic ingredients of a mixture of cement and sand. What if the ratio of cement and sand is not balanced then both the material will not converge. It can also result in leaking due to cracks effect that makes the entrance slit of water into the house.

Other factors could also cause these cracks are significant weather changes from hot to rainy and vice versa can also make cement cracking.

How to Cope with Leaky Roofs leak cause