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How to create a Beautiful Bathroom Design

create a beautiful Bathroom
create a beautiful Bathroom

Build or change the beautiful bathroom design needs a lot of careful consideration in order to provide comfort for every use. The bathroom is a critical component that must exist in every home. Generally people do the first activity after waking up was in the bathroom.

Things that can considered and watch out for is the size of a bathroom, a position where the bathroom, condition of the bathroom wet or dry, air circulation, lighting and comfort. Here are tips to make the bathroom comfortable and safe;

Size of Beautiful Bathroom Design

Small or large sized bathroom that you will make keeping in view the availability of land that exist on your home course. If the land your house has a spacious room then you can build a large bathroom.

But if the land you have small and limited, should not be forced and make simple possible. because big or small the bathroom still has the same function, namely to bathe and defecate.

Position Location of Bathroom

set position where the bathroom is right and easy to reach members of the family, so for anyone who wanted to go to the bathroom is not difficult to reach. Fixtures in the bathroom you can try to set it properly.

Examples such as the sink, place it in front of the bathroom. It meant that every person who wants to just wash your hands do not necessarily have to go into the bathroom.

Conditions Bathroom Wet Or Dry

If you have a bathroom always in a dry state would look clean and comfortable. But there is also the type of bathroom that is always in wet conditions, all That depends on the homeowner wants to design bathrooms are wet or dry. If you want both types of wet and dry floor should you make a demarcation between dry and wet.

So that everyone who goes into the bathroom where the floor can distinguish where the dry and wet. Use separator using fiber glass or you can also use a plastic curtain and mark with a dry floor higher than the wet floor.

Air circulation

getting air circulation not only to the front of the house or room. In the bathroom also requires adequate air circulation. air circulation in the bathroom which could adversely affect trigger odor in the bathroom.

We recommend that you create a lattice on the bottom or the top of the door of the bathroom door. But if it is not possible to make lattice there are other alternatives that install exhaust fan.


The bathrooms are minimal lighting would potentially lead to the development of various diseases. You should design a bathroom with adequate lighting conditions.

A simple example that you can apply by replacing bathroom tile roof using this type of transparent tiles that can be pierced by light. A lack of sunlight can prevent germs or bacteria to grow.

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