Home Design Tips How to create a water wall in the house

How to create a water wall in the house

How to create a water wall in the house
How to create a water wall in the house

Limited land makes us sometimes want to create something interesting like water wall in the house it is difficult for the time being. But now you need not worry, for those of you who want to have a cool home decor and natural look you can make Water Wall.

This is a breakthrough for those who want to bring the atmosphere rush water inside the house. With limited land is not easy to make an addition in the house, but with the tips to make Water Wall in the house that we give this time hopefully to inspire you to build;

Determining Scene

For those of you before building a water wall in the house, make sure you pick a theme that you apply. Deciding on a theme at the start before the building will be very influential in the selection of equipment that you will need later. Interest is set on the theme early on before building a water wall is to be in tune with the concept of home you live in today.

Site Selection Right

Water common wall built in a park, but if you do not have a garden or a large area you should build a water wall facing position the house so homeowners can enjoy while relaxing together family.

But if the plan does not allow for you made with regard to the limitations of land you have, then you can build a water wall in the house. But you still need to pay attention to the drains that will rotate on water wall so as not to cause severe leakage.

Water Wall effects

There are several water effects you can apply to build a water wall like a waterfall effect, fountains, and water flows. What if you use a waterfall effect then you need to add water container.

But if you apply the effect that the water flows it is not necessary to add water container. As for the effect of the fountain then you have to add water container and make a small hole in the bottom so that the effect of the fountain can be created.


Selection of the outer layer of water wall can be set by selecting the use of natural stone or paint. What if you use natural stones then select natural stone that has pores solids such as the type of stone temples, and natural stones.

However, if you choose to use paint, make sure you choose a paint that has a resistance to water so durable and not easily damaged. Cover with a coating of natural stone so as not to cause moss or mildew and will look comfortable at all times without having to clean.

Be strong foundation

To build a water wall needed a strong and solid foundation. highly recommended to create a foundation with a size of 40 cm both for the breadth and depth of the foundation.

Lighting effects

One additional else can give more value when the evenings are light effects. The beauty of the water wall you can really enjoy not only in the morning and during the day but you can enjoy also at night with their lights provide illumination effect.

Light effects can you slip on the water flowing or it could also focus on the object.

How to create a water wall in the house