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Tips to Know Moisture in the House Wall

Tips to Know Moisture in the House Wall
Tips to Know Moisture in the House Wall

Dirt wall or Moisture in the House Wall must have attacked your home. It was certainly very frustrating not especially pretty much definitely make it uncomfortable to be in view. The cause could be in because your house when moist.

Damp housing conditions is not very good if on leave in the long term. Due to the effects of humid air can damage furniture and can lead to various diseases for the residents. For that we are a little give tips on measuring moisture house so that you and your family protected from disease and walls of your house is maintained;

Normal limits Humidity Home

To limit the size of normal humidity in the house that is 60% -70% RH. If you are confused to know you can use tools that hygrometer as a tool to measure air humidity. moist air due to the excessive amount of water in the air content.

Consequences arising if moisture in the house wall

  • The air in the house will feel the heat even though the rain has gone down.
  • Wood can be quickly obsolete as a result of humid air. At home furnishings made of wood such as cabinets, dining tables, chairs, doors, and windows will tend to be more easily damaged or decayed.
  • Moist air can also damage the papers, documents, photographs or paintings. The appearance of mold on objects that we mentioned earlier can be made quickly broken.
  • On the walls will look dirty and will leave marks like scars water flow.
  • Make residents become unhealthy, such as exposed to coughing or nasal allergy that causes by a fungus.

Some causes of damp homes

  • Circulation of air that goes into and out of the house is not good. It can trigger the development of the fungus quickly because the air in the house to bring enough water and not being exchanged.
  • Can also be caused by a leak in the drainage water.
  • leaking or leaking roof
  • tiles are also capable of causing the house became damp from the rain that came in with the air that can not be played out.
  • The presence of excessive water reservoirs in the house. It can also lead to house became damp, since the higher the water content in the added air circulation is not good.

Tips to cope with damp homes

  • Immediately correct the moisture source. The way of the main action should cease as soon as possible. But to step do you need to know where the origin of the main causes of air becomes humid. Controls on the air circulation is good if you are using.
  • Install the ceiling fan on the roof. Installing the fan also helps to prevent the house became damp, due to wind generated by a fan to help circulate the air in the house.
  • Use lime water absorption. This tool is effective and serves to absorb water in the air. You can buy them in stores or supermarkets nearby.
Tips to Know Moisture in the House Wall